Mónica de Miranda’s island, in London
10.07.2022, News

Until October 22nd, the exhibition space Autograph, in Shoreditch, presents photographs and a film by the artist.

In The Island, Mónica de Miranda presents works in which the idea of island serves as a metaphor to think about “a long trajectory of black presences in Portugal by bringing together intertwined narratives – drawing on African liberation movements, migratory experiences, and identity formations through a black feminist lens”. Here, the island is a “utopian place of isolation, refuge, and escape”.

These works, a 37 minute film and a series of photographs, were produced as part of Autograph’s Amplify – Stranger in the Village: Afro European Matters. This project invited three artists, Mónica de Miranda, Jeannette Ehlers, e Sasha Huber, to make work that would be centered in the experience of “Afrodiasporic communities in Europe, identity formations and migration, freedom of movement, and ideas of care during the Covid-19 pandemic and post-Brexit”.

Thursday, July 21st, from 2pm to 8pm, at Av. da Índia gallery, opens Mirages and Deep Time, by Mónica de Miranda, curated by Azu Nwagbogu. An opportunity to see in Lisbon, The Island, among other works.

You can see the trailer of the film, here