Patrícia Garrido

Lisboa, 1963
Lives and works in Lisbon

In O prazer é todo meu [The pleasure is all mine], Patrícia Garrido presents a series of voluptuous objects modelled from the forms of her own body and coated with the lush shades of her makeup. Here she embarks on a project of identity and affirmation that unfolds in the form of installations, objects and videos.

Developing her work from a basis in her own personal experience, the artist performs an ongoing daily collection of found materials which interest her only “insofar as they bring a piece of real life with them”, going on to reorder and transform these materials into volumes with a strong sculptural presence, such as compressed cubes or large floor coverings.

While developing her work, Patrícia Garrido dedicates herself to obsessive processes of recording, measurement, quantification and repetition, listing everything she has ingested during two weeks, all the clothes she has owned in a given period, or the amount of steps she has taken inside until completing a kilometre. Eminently performative and suggestive, her work triggers abstract and mathematical concepts such as geometry, plane, module and distance.

Departing always from a notion of herself and her body as the measure of all things, the artist makes her physical, subjective and intellectual experiences in her studio, at home or with her friends into the central theme of her work.

Lígia Afonso
[Plano Nacional das Artes and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian]
Curator, teacher and researcher born in Lisbon in 1981
Text originally written for Google Arts & Culture apropos the exhibition “All I Want, Portuguese Women Artists from 1900 to 2020”, curated by Helena de Freitas and Bruno Marchand
Courtesy of the Artist © João Ferro Martins